Ulcers Can Cause back Pain

by Zoe Beartoes

In cases of chronic back pain one might think, “Do Ulcers Cause back Pain?” A simple answer to this anxious question is ‘yes’, a peptic ulcer is a probable cause of back pain.

An open sore, lesion or break in the skin or in a mucous membrane is called an ulcer. The thin protective layer that covers / protects the inner surface of body openings like the lining of the stomach and intestines is a mucous membrane. However when people generally use the term ‘ulcers’, they usually mean the peptic ulcer (the one that occurs in the upper digestive system). The digestive system is made up of the esophagus, stomach, duodenum and intestines. Ulcers that occur in the stomach are referred to as gastric ulcers, and likewise there are duodenal ulcers and esophageal ulcers. 80% of peptic ulcers are duodenal ulcers.

There are many symptoms of ulcers. The most common sign of ulcers is an intermittent and irritating pain in the stomach this pain also transfers to other areas such as the shoulder blades, back, indigestion, heartburn, gas, bloating, appetite loss and nausea. A few well known symptoms of ulcers are back pain, headache, itching and choking sensation.

In the olden days it was generally believed by physicians that too much stress causes ulcers. The classic theory was based on the fact that high amount of stress can increase hydrochloric acid production. This acid is strong enough to hurt protective mucous lining of stomach and as a result causing an ulcer. Though this theory is still accepted by many physicians, but nowadays it has also been well established that bacterial infection is the prime cause of ulcers in more than 70 to 80 % patients.

Gastric ulceration is most commonly caused by bacteria known as ‘Helicobacter Pylori’. This bacterium has been known to dig into the mucous layer of the stomach and cause inflammation. Excessive amounts of acidic juices generated by the stomach because of spicy foods is capable of burning the lining of the digestive tract and hence damaging the digestive system. Excessive amounts of physical and emotional stress will probably aggravate an existing ulcer, although it’s not considered the root cause of ulcer.

Apart form the infection, use of non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs can also trigger ulcers. NSAIDs are commonly used by people as pain killers for headaches, sore muscles, menstrual cramps and other similar situations. Belonging to this family of NSAIDs is aspirin, ibuprofen and acetaminophen, excessive use of such type of drugs may prove to be detrimental to the stomach lining and cause ulcers. Mucosal protection is further damaged by over consumption of Alcoholic beverages and heavy smoking.

As a first step towards ulcer diagnosis, any physician would inquire about the symptoms. Besides the symptoms, the physician would look for factors from a patient’s such as any cases of family history of ulcers or stomach cancers, frequency of alcohol consumption, smoking habits, patient’s age, recent weight loss, repeated nausea or vomiting incidences, back pain, history of using anti-inflammatory drugs or other NSAIDs. Apart from the symptoms and patient’s history, endoscopy is a modern approach to minimally invasive diagnostic medical procedure. Endoscopy is also well accepted as one of the best methods of diagnosing ulcers. An endoscope is a narrow tube which contains a light and tiny camera at its end to study the patient’s digestive system. When this tube is inserted down the patient’s throat the physician can examine the interior walls of the stomach and duodenum. Endoscope can also carry a small scissor to cut off small sample of mucous membrane for further examination of potential stomach cancer.

Imaging techniques are frequently relied on since not many patients are comfortable with the endoscope. During the procedure the patient is asked to drink a fluid of Barium. Barium is opaque and transparent to x-rays. The x-ray image of the patient’s digestive system can highlight abnormalities such as ulcers that may be present where the opaque substance appears as a white patch on the x-ray image. Many symptoms of ulcers can be treated with drugs easily purchased over the counter that are used to subdue the pain, nausea or general discomfort caused by ulcers.

Do ulcers cause back pain? Yes, ucers and especially peptic ulcers do cause severe back pain. Such pain is likely to happen immediately after eating when someone is suffering from ulcers.

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my uncle got stomach ulcers because he took a lot of Aspirin to take care of his high blood pressure.;’*


ibuprofen is definitely the best OTC painkiller for me. It helps me a lot to deal with my muscular pain.”,;


aspirin is a good anti-inflammatory still in use today. :’-


i have backpains after work. what i do is get some relaxing massage and yoga..:”


you can avoid indigestion by eating high fiber foods.,:.


aspirin is great for reducing pain and inflammation just be careful with overdose though..:


back pains can be awfully painful sometimes, ibuprofen is my best friend when it comes to pain:-:


i also have backaches due to my blue collar job. stretching also helps reduce backaches**’


ibuprofen is really effective in keeping the pain out.`:.


now, i am suffering from bad indigestion and sometimes it is painful too.’~:


i had an ulcer last year because i am fond of skipping meals and working too hard. it was quite painful`*”


i have some slight back pain and stretching helps a bit to reduce its severity,~*


ibuprofen is one of the best pain killers with few side effects'”~


i often get indigestion when i eat so much without taking foods high in fiber~;-


ulcer is quite painful and sometimes it is deadly too, my grandmother died from ulcer,*”


too much aspirin might lead to thinning of the protective lining of the stomach:.*


i used to always some nasty back pains and it requires a great massage to remove it`,’


i would just take in some lots of fruit juices to healp ease indigestion~*-


oh i just thought that paracetamol is safer than ibuprofen.;-


ulcer is a very painful disease, i hate ulcers


if you overdose on aspirin, you can actually have stomach ulcers,,”


i often get indestion coz i eat a lot in one day, lots of fruit juice helps ease indigestion~.;


if you hate ulcer then take care your self..


fiber foods are really necessary for having a normal bowel movement `


Back pain is so troublesome, can you tell me more about back pain relief, thanks.


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I am a chiropractic doctor on lower back pain and I fairly like this post because everyday I coach my clients that our bodies finally have the chance to cure themselves. Lots of people have become to dependent on medications that sometimes it takes a little longer to teach others of the potential they have around them.


Genuinely fulfilled with the health and tending substance here, I bookmarked and go for to record this on everyday base if I have time on my helping hands.


this information is precisely well suited for me. Regards for the fantastic healthy crests .


i’d love to much so many fiber foods because it helps in digestion and waste removal `;,


aspirin has been time tested to relieve minor pains and inflammation and it is cheap too.


ibuprofen is a good pain reliever but i heard that this one have nasty side effects too `”.


if you are not eating much fiber, then you will always get indigestion. so eat lots of dietary fibers ~~:

jamie at back pain
December 8th, 2011 at 7:53 AM

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I have excessive back pain caused by an ulcer in my stomach pouch. I had a gastric bypass 9 yrs and have many complications. This is my fifth ulcer. I never had back pain with the others. Over the counter NSAIDS cannot be taken by a gastric bypass patient ever. Nor can they be taken by someone who has an ulcer. Your doctor will prescribe something that works and is not a narcotic. Ulcers are very serious and you should also follow a strict diet of oatbran, salads and chicken. There has to be a more natural way to treat ulcers other than the standard prevacid and Karafate. Pls comment is you know of something.


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Severe stomach ulcer is very deadly, we should always treat it the soonest possible. `

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i have gasritis and i want to know if norco could cause an ulcer ? I have steosis in my neck and have alot of pain so the norco helps , but i have been having burnig in my stomach and burnig pain that radiates to my back . hurts so bad that i just sit and cry .my stomach feels large and pushes into my back ad at times my skin burns as if stomach acid is leaking from my stomach into my body .


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