The best home remedy for pinched nerve on neck

by Zack Beartoes

Home remedies are being turned to by many people to cure ailments as it is considered that other types of medications cause negative side effects. Prepared relatively easily and used, people can be sure that a home remedies use is hygienic and high quality. The home remedy for pinched nerve on neck is the best and a relatively easy remedy. We will first have a look at what this ailment is all about, what triggers it, and what are the home remedies for this ailment.

Online resources are instant information banks when you want to know details about anything. With the click of the mouse you can have all details on your finger tips as the web is an online dictionary which cannot only give you details of the disease but also the remedies. Suggestions of alternate therapies like homeopathy, holistic, alternate herbal treatments etc are also explained in detail. People prefer alternate medicine as it is safe and moreover holistic treatments are much safe.

When you have pinch in the nerve on you neck the pain is unbearable. All medical treatments only try to suppress pain and fail to find a natural cure. Depression, stress and lack of good posture might result in pinched nerve on neck. Sometimes overall physical weakness due to lack of vitamins and minerals or persistence of arthritis, nutritional food and balance in the body posture are also known factors which result in this ailment.

When you contract a muscle pain or a pinched nerve it is best to take a hot bath or applying a hot water bottle in the affected area. Hot oil massages can also be given smoothly. Pressing the pinched nerve lightly with warm oil can relive pain immediately as well. Sometimes calcium deficiency might cause this health condition and muscle pain. So taking an extra calcium dosage either as medication or food supplement can cure this ailment slowly.

Acidity in the body causes the physical body to suffer from pains. Cutting down on acidic foods or staying away from them is the best way to combat acidity. Pains can be caused by lack of potassium, thus a doctor should be consulted and potassium should be added to your diet. Prunes, roasted peanuts, skimmed milk, apricots, beets, bananas, dates, figs, melons, almonds, orange juice, avocadoes etc. are all potassium rich foods. Timely meals and food rich in vitamins and minerals are the best preventive remedies for pinched nerve on neck. Also by eating 2-3 hours before sleep, having breakfast regularly and addition of foods such as apple, bananas, water melon, papaya, cucumber to your diet.

Home remedies are generally preferred by people with pinched nerves as it is easy and provides quick relief. No mater what the remedy is; home, holistic or otherwise, people prefer remedies that bring pain relief at all times.

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I tend to get very quick results with the application of electrical muscle stimulation and hot packs prior to an adjustment of the cervical spine. Most people get very quick results unless there is a more complicated cause of the neck pain.

Ken Whidden, DC
Emerald Coast Chiropractic


Dr. Whidden,

Thank you for your comment, it’s great to see a local provider on my site (I’m in Miramar Beach). I just took a look at your website and it looks very informative. Great job.



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I’m a chiropractic doctor on low back pain and I rather appreciate this post for the reason that everyday I educate my patients that our bodies eventually hold the chance to recover independently. Lots of people became to dependent on medicines that sometimes it takes a little longer to educate others of the potential they’ve got inside them.


I have been absent for a while, but now I remember why I used to love this blog. Thank you, I’ll try and check back more often.


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Neck pain is a killer. Glad to get this information… many thanks!

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