Orthotic Insoles

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Orthotic Insoles
Walkfit or Good Feet? What company produces the best orthopedic templates?

I am an amateur triathlete and am considering buying a pair of devices orthopedic, in an attempt to limit joint pain in knees, ankles and lower back after the activity. Orthopedic Goodfeet seem to be the option signifiantly more expensive, but certainly a better product because the Walkfit orthotics Goodfeet tailored to the individual. Does anyone have any input on which route I should take? Maybe another brand orthopedic do not know me?

Walkfit is definitely the least expensive option, but only have a product that comes in length is 22 feet only when good lengths and different products in different widths and flexibility. If you are lucky enough to choose the right size (size of arc varies greatly in relation to the size of the shoe) and I do not mind waiting 4 to 6 weeks to get the product in the mail walkfit might work for you. The product Walkfit is a cheap copy of a product with good feet. You mentioned you are a triathlete. This product is copied rarely good for running and athletics, it is better for walking and standing. Running in the wrong product and potentially wrong size could be harmful to you. It is better to be in a personalized way to get the right product, the size and flexibility, especially for the purpose mentioned.

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